SunHaven Deluxe 15 Ft x 15 Ft Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover

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Designed to fit even our biggest outdoor sets, the SunHaven Deluxe 15 Ft x 15 Ft Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover is made of the highest quality polyester canvas complex with Eco-friendly vinyl backing. Heavy-duty polyester fabric with waterproof PVC coating; UV-resistant and tough enough to keep rain, hail, snow, dust, leaves and bird drops away.Perfect for you outdoor sectional or backyard conversation set!
Each Sunhaven Deluxe��15 Ft x 15 Ft Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover comes equipped with draw tight drawstring closures to help ensure that your outdoor patio furniture sectional or backyard conversation set has the maximum protection from the elements.

“Will help you transform your space into a great hang-⁠out spot your friends and family will love visiting.”
"This innovative brand keeps to smart, modular groupings, so they can easily be reconfigured on a whim...or quickly reworked into a new home or apartment patio."
"SunHaven looks like it was designed for a private beach house in the Hamptons, meanwhile, it was built tough enough to stand up to week-long renters looking to party"
“SunHaven not only offers durable and practical outdoor furniture that has an elevated design, but it also has a competitive price."

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SunHaven Guarantee

Our materials and workmanship are unmatched. That's why we offer up to 1 year of coverage.


Get your patio ready in 60 minutes or less from the moment you unpack our furniture.

Modular and Easy To Arrange

With our modular furniture sets, you can configure dozens of layouts.

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Unlike other furniture brands, we have no intermediary. This means much more affordable prices for you.

What's Included

SunHaven Deluxe Universal Outdoor Heavy Duty Lined Patio Furniture Cover

Set Dimensions

SunHaven Deluxe Universal Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover Fits Sets 15' (ft) x 15' (ft)

Key Highlights

    No Assembly Required

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Stacey Fairchild
Furniture Cover

Don’t waste your money on the outdoor furniture cover. It only lasted 1 summer. It was faded and started to rip and tear. For $400 I would’ve expected the cover to last a few years. Really disappointed in the quality.

Hi Stacey,
We're so sorry you had this experience with your cover!
We have reached out via email so we can make this right for you.
Kind regards,
The SunHaven Team

Perfect Fit

This cover is a perfect fit for my Kensington Set!
I had called to ask, and once again my service request was handled perfectly! Wonderful company great to do business with!!

Only 1 season

We LOVE our furniture, but the cover only made it only one year! For over $300 I did not expect it to fade, thin and tear!

Not worth the money

I bought this with my patio set (which I love) and it hasn’t even made it through the one summer. Every time it rains the cushions get soaked and I have to then take off the cover and dry out the cushions. It appears that all of the seams waterproofing is falling off. I also see that when there is a lot of dew at night the cushions are also damp the next day. Would not have spent the money if I knew the cover wouldn’t have even lasted a year much less one season.

Hi Erin,

We're so sorry you had this experience with your cover!

We have reached out via email so we can make this right for you.

Kind regards,
The SunHaven Team

Tanesha Mason
The cover leaked immediately

The new cover I received was a different texture from the one I ordered last year. It was supposed to be better but it leaked immediately. The one I had last year was awesome for a few months but the material started to deteriorate soon after causing it to leak also. But I still won’t hesitate to order from Sunhaven. The outdoor furniture set I ordered from them was AMAZING which is why a great cover is so important to me. Also the sunhaven customer service experience was beyond great. They refunded me immediately for the cover from this year without hesitation but last years cover was no longer able to be returned. I highly recommend sunhaven just not this outdoor furniture cover.

Hi Tanesha,

We're glad to hear that you were happy with the service we provided, and that we could provide a satisfactory outcome for your issue! Thank you for your honest feedback.

Please reach out if you need anything else!

Kind regards,
The SunHaven Team

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