Maia Green Lumbar Pillow

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Whether you're in need of a quick style pick-me-up for your outdoor seating area, or a cozy new addition to your living room pillow mix, this casual outdoor lumbar pillow brings the right amount of both. Its handmade cotton and polyester cover features a woven stripe-and-dot geometric design that complements any modern decor style. 14" x 22" rectangle crafted in soft green and ivory includes a removable polyester insert and zipper closure. Available in multiple mix-and-match ready colors and sizes.

“Will help you transform your space into a great hang-⁠out spot your friends and family will love visiting.”
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"SunHaven looks like it was designed for a private beach house in the Hamptons, meanwhile, it was built tough enough to stand up to week-long renters looking to party"
“SunHaven not only offers durable and practical outdoor furniture that has an elevated design, but it also has a competitive price."

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