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SunHaven was created to meet the needs of real people, so flexibility is one of our foundational values. Our fully-assembled (yes: that means no more set-up headaches), modular furniture is designed to grow and adapt to your life, so you can rearrange it however you want, whenever you want.

We also know that people want great style options for outdoor furniture — but not at prices that make them hesitant to actually use the furniture outside. That’s why it’s mission-critical at SunHaven to deliver the most stylish options at the most competitive prices. When it comes to beautiful outdoor furniture at an affordable price point, SunHaven truly can’t be beat.

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Experience Your
Space in a Whole
New Way

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Fresh out of law school, SunHaven’s founder, Michael, had his big “aha” moment: what he really wanted was to create environments — to create something exceptional for people to use around their homes.

Realizing that the outdoor furniture market was packed with prohibitively expensive, outdated options, he saw the perfect opportunity to change how people interact with their space.

Of course, home environments are all about the people in them, so he poured his time into researching outdoor spaces, talking to real people, and finding out what was most important to them. Hundreds of store aisles, prototyping trips abroad, and conversations with customers later, SunHaven came to life.

Fast forward to now, and SunHaven’s exceptionally cost-effective, flexible, and stylish outdoor furniture is a fan-favorite across the country, transforming the way people experience and enjoy their homes.

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Our Competitive
Pricing Commitment

We’re real people who really love and use our outdoor furniture… so we get it: extra, hidden fees can really sour the fun of creating a brand new outdoor oasis at home. That’s why we’ve eliminated the middleman and ship our furniture direct to you, so you continue to get the most luxurious outdoor furniture at the best prices, period. We even take it a step further and guarantee free shipping on all orders!

Stylish, flexible outdoor furniture is simpler than ever with SunHaven.

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